Thursday, 24 March 2011

RCUK Animation update

Well I've won my first paid commission. An animation for The Resuscitation Council UK to help identify the signs of cardiac arrest.
clickety for the project site.

Here's a clip from the pitch, the actual collapse will be more effective; staying with the sufferer as she falls backward, feeling the impact with her.

RCUK Fall from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.

It's a 3ds Max (I never know what to capitalize when I'm writing that; '3DS Max' I guess would be correct - 'aint pretty though) version of a playblast ... 'make preview' I believe, not quite as catchy. Keep watching my RCUK animation blog for updates. I intend to have a video gallery there soon but there's been some complications, incidentally anyone trying to reach me on my mail...can't, there's a fault so I'm waiting to get access to activation e-mails.

Looking forward to getting a full quality render on this sucker in the near future.

....tee he he, 'limp and heavy'.

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