Saturday, 19 March 2011

Title Sequences

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself. In preparation I made this (it's looped so remember to pause it and get on with your life):

Explosive Particles from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.
Bet you can't guess which British based broadcasting company it's for.

It was a wild stab in the dark (I hear tell that's a very painful place to get stabbed) since all I was going on was 'motion graphics' 'title sequence'. I wanted to simulate realistic lens effects with the particles blowing out (in both senses), almost there.Composed to allow for credits to roll on while stuff got 'sploded on the other side. Mostly just a test of my computer's ability to compute. It does not like particles and advanced blurring effects, whiny piece of junk!
It was slow for the after effects files, but it's completely crashing with the things I'm trying to get it to do in 3DS Max. Possible posts on that to come...though they relate more closely to the RCUK animation project I'm working on, so check there first. Is anyone else beginning to think this multiple blog thing is getting tricky to track? Especially since I'm considering setting up another for this latest project. I may try to create an aggregating blog, a Matthew Wood Mega Store of a blog, to solve this problem, half price on everything that guarantees the death of local businesses! (that's right, I got political on yo ass).

I have a sign off on my 'main' blog...seems rude not to have a definitive conclusion. Maybe I'll just embrace it and stop half way though my

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