Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sunshine, Rain and Spring Coming Again.

...But I don't have it in me.....Confidence  that is. least not when I’m presenting to a room full of people, apparently. As a result of nerves (or whatever the hell happened to me) I skipped a large portion of a recent presentation (thankfully it was mostly the jokes) so I’ll be uploading a bit here (minus the jokes) and in a future post explore how I can improve my presentation style.

‘i c (cockney text talk*)

After exploring what Realflow had to offer, by way of particle effects and simulations, I then moved to Maya to try and get some realistic movement. Mostly because I was more familiar and had dabbled in the dynamic liquid simulations on a previous project .
The best results were seen by using dynamic simulation mixed with key framing (and by 'best' i mean....

Maya - Boatimation Tests from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.
....) [that may be my very first parenthesised video]

Man fall down. Funny.

The second piece I missed was more experimentation of the dynamic variety. This time on my RCUK project.
The software Endorphin is used for dynamically driving collisions (and other things).
I had intend to use it for bridging the gap between animation and...the floor.
The simulation went well and mostly as anticipated (with a bit of effort)...

Carl End-Orff-in Dynamics from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.
... applying this proved difficult, so I’m sticking with traditional 3d animation (as traditional as 3D ever gets). Hoping to be able to use it for some visual effects work, I already have too many ideas.

I did have a much longer video charting the failure of the Endorphin/3D character but 6 minutes of self-indulgent editing of different dramatic angles from the exact same scene seemed a bit much (even with Carl Orff's 'phat beatz' behind it).

Lessons have been learnt, expect a post detailing them.


*[tip: they drop their ‘h’s and ‘c’ is phonetically the same a ‘sea’] 

p.s - the lesson from this post is:
I like ending videos with musical blank screens.