Saturday, 2 April 2011

Au Naturel…World

My initial concept for the BBC’s Natural World titles.
A CG water droplet reflecting and refracting the earth makes its way to the ground. We travel into the heart of the drop (the earth) to discover the animals of the natural world.

Natural World Initial Concept Test from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.
(must say - looks much better in HD - click the link above if you have the time)

Rough and ready and all too fast but the concept works.

I like the immediate juxtaposition and change in scale from the usual ‘epic space shot of planet earth’ to the humble, yet essential, drop of water.
If given the go ahead I will likely suggest either lengthen the piece and creating a more abstracting interior for the drop (less of an underwater feel) or cutting the move into the water completely – simply reflecting the myriad of animals in the drop (falling in slow motion), showing that they are inside and part of the world. I would also like to enhance the final reveal of the titles, either a more interesting angle or have the water expose the text.
All of which would streamline the piece and give it more consistency.

Stay posted for more posting of posts.

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