Monday, 4 April 2011

New World

The latest iteration of my BBC Natural World title sequence.

Natural World Titles 02 - Refined from Matthew Wood on Vimeo.

The animals are absent as there’s just not enough time to do them justice without rushing through the piece, and the titles of late have taken a more stylised approach; focusing on the wonder and importance of the small narratives that make up our natural world – a single drop of water or dandelion seeds in the wind.

Changes to be made:
  • Have the text emerging from the depths (as if discovered) rather than fading in. Adding a sense of depth by including ‘bubble’ elements in the foreground.
  • Better colour for the earth.

  • The initial entrance into the drop, well timed and weighted with a nice effect.
  • Overall duration; short and sweet.

Bit of 'Web Presence' maintenance to conclude with.
If you're looking for a prettier url to point people too them is now in a more presentable state. That's 'Matthew' and 'Wood' sharing the same 'w' (just like in my logo! the excuse I give because matthewwood and any variation thereof is already taken). I also am now in possession of 250 business cards (mine), if you'd like one then arrange for us to do business, business cards are for business (as well as being 'The business').

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