Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This box is labelled...

 ...'old junk'.
I've moved! Normally I'd try and keep this blog going but I'm looking for a clean break. The new equivalent blog is:
http://matthew-wood-vfx.blogspot.com/ (I had some paint left over from this one)
Still development but more focused on visual effects. Who knows, maybe I'll post Motion Graphic work to this blog in the future, but for now it's gonna be dead around here. Here's a copy and past job from my 'animation' blog that will let you know where to find me if you've only even known about this here development blog.

Online presence review:
The site that's on my business card: www.matthewood.co.uk 
That's 'Matthew' and 'Wood' with some frugal overlap - unfortunately the internet saw me cutting corners and has justly punished me by forcing me to include the three 'w's for 'world', 'wide' and 'web' if I type it into and address bar. This is the least piggish of my internet presence piggy backing since I have my own URL, however I did it through google sites so I can't actually do much more than bully the design wizard until it cries and develops a twitch, by which I mean: lets me upload a header.
Blogs that site links to:

A new blog dedicated to Visual Effects (of the digital variety) as well as including any and all work I do in my third year at university.
A blog that will likely suffer from neglect and may well be stapled onto the end of the VFX blog (so thats 'neglect' and abuse really)
 It's a little be more yellow than all the others, its called 'animation' but really it's full of pretty poor sketches and stuff (but you know that, you're sitting right on it)
The website site also links to my vimeo profile
So I'm spreading myself a little too thin and intend to try and include some sort of  blog aggregation (even though I'm sure your blog aggregator is doing a fine job of feeding you bits and pieces as they float to the surface). I'll go and see if google sites can handle that.

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